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Our selection of caskets include a variety of wood and metal caskets to choose from.

Some of the wood species that are available include Mahogany, Cherry, Oak, Ash, Maple Poplar and Pine. Our metal caskets include the semi-precious metals of Bronze, Copper and Stainless Steel. There are also various 16,18 and 20 gauge metals to choose from.

Additionally, interiors are available in various colors of velvet, linen and crepe.

Our selection of Creation Urns include Wood, Cultured Marble, Brass, Clossene', Art Glass.

Most Urns are able to be personalized with names, dates and pictures. We also have Keepsake Urns, tokens and jewelry.

Our selection of Memorial Candles have various serene backgrounds to choose from.

Our selection of Wilbur Burial Vaults are made locally and provided by Witherbee and Whalen in Canton, NY.


Our Selection Room

A variety of LifeSymbols Corners are available for Caskets and our Memorial Plaques.




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